BBC Radio 3: The Verb

The Worm in its Core was commissioned as a new poem / performance by Radio 3's The Verb, hosted by Ian McMillan, for broadcast on January 15th 2016, in response to Hearing the Voice - a project which explores, and demystifies auditory verbal hallucinations. A great privilege to write something responding such a vital and intelligently conceived project, and to share it on The Verb, which has always maintained a laudable balance between all forms and modes of literature, bringing them where they belong, together, in brilliant conjunction. 

The poem / performance is available to listen to on the right and the full episode with discussions, featuring Charles Fernyhough, Jennifer Hodgson and David Morley, below.

Electric Dada

Broadcast on May 3rd 2013, my first appearance on the Verb was in support of the Electronic Voice Phenomena tour, which ran across the UK, visiting seven cities. I performed a piece that didn't actually feature in my tour commission, as myself and the producer, Tom Chivers of Penned in the Margins, wanted to keep that secret for live audiences. I was joined on the episode by Rebecca Solnit amongst others. 

The notion of my commission for EVP, Electric Dada, was that the original movement, almost 100 years before, was powerfully motivated by displacement and death, embodied in WWI as a mass madness and mortal cult and that Dada responded to that, almost as the sound of the ghosts created. So I mediated the dead voices through a slow descent into madness on stage, across each evening. My performance on The Verb was to tip my hat to that, in sound poetry.