Sound poetry / Sonic art / Improvised vocalistion: works include performances at Cafe Oto, The Festina Lente in Paris and on BBC Radio 3's The Verb. Collaborations include pieces with Sharon Gal, Dylan Nyoukis and Phil Minton. Projects include Soundings with Wellcome Library, which saw seven performances in London in 2015/2016, and Lunalia, with Maja Jantar, a month of collaborative recordings responding to a lunar cycle.

for Huellkurven - bring your guns we will exchange them This is a live recording in situe at a modern museum, in their ethnographic gallery, which through found radio and installation noises, as well as responsive, guttural sound poetry aims to ambiguously compliment / satirise / criticise the anesthetised western usage of african sound culture. Published by the Viennese sound poetry journal edited by Joerg Piringer amongst others.

for Tapin2  - eeve my profile on the French based sound art webjournal. Totalement/totale Action/actuelle Poésie/poetry/poesia Internationale/inadmissible/inouïe Nouvelle/now/new v.2.0