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I Stand Alone by The Devils, and other poems on films

Broken Sleep Books : June 31st 2019 
33 pages / £5

ISBN: 9781071059609

Click for Tickets for the launch at the remarkable Cinema Museum in London on August Thursday 29th alongside a full screening of Peter Greenaway’s remarkable and exacting The Baby of Macon!

26 new poems celebrating 26 cult films of the 20th and 21st century, I Stand Alone by The Devils is a slim volume of cinematic poetic ekphrasis. At play is an aberrant intersemiotic translation between the mediums of popular or arthouse cinema and contemporary, modernist poetry. The poems aim to re-imagine moving image in language, often cutting in tone, taking on the dark, symbolic and sardonic on film. Each poem is a single film, interpreting, reflecting, embodying and transposing, exploring both films familiar to many, and digging out, often from 20th century European cinema, more unorthodox motion pictures. From Querelle and The Baby of Mâcon, to American Werewolf in London and Don’t Look Now. From Aguirre and Festen to The Fly and Breaking the Waves, these poems are a strange and playful musing on cinema’s impact on poetry and language and a useless thinking through of how films are actually consumed.

“These are poems that stare out into our staring, each line drops itself - to break a glass darkly read and seen in warning. The films chosen by SJ Fowler prickle with the same discomfort that animates each poem. ‘This is the face you make when you realise. ’ The cut and tease of a provocateur’s lovingly cracked lens, unreeling in the questions that illuminate best when sitting, unsettled, in the dark.” David Spittle

A full list of films featured - Angel Heart, Querelle, Last Year at Marienbad, Ali : Fear Eats The Soul, The Fly, The Devils, Breaking the Waves, American Werewolf in London, Don’t Look Now, I Stand Alone, A short film about Love, En Coeur En Hiver, The Baby of Mâcon, Nightwatch (Nattevagten), Silence of the Lambs, Satan’s Brew, Aguirre, wrath of god, The Long Good Friday, Stalker, Salo, Festen, Three Colours Blue, Yojimbo, Possession, Beau Travail, M.

LAUNCH : August Thursday 29th 2019 at the Cinema Museum, London, alongside a screening of Peter Greenaway’s The Baby of Mâcon

Tickets - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/cinema-and-poetry-tickets-64301105337

http://www.cinemamuseum.org.uk/ The Master’s House, 2 Dugard Way (off Renfrew Road), London SE11 4TH (Kennington, close to the Elephant and Castle)

7pm doors : £8 (£5 concessions)

Celebrating the potential of literary and avant-garde poetry to explore and refract popular or arthouse cinema, this unique event will see performances and readings by some of London's most interesting writers followed by a screening of Peter Greenaway's remarkable and challenging 1993 feature film The Baby of Mâcon. This event will aim aim to re-imagine moving image in the language arts.

"The Baby of Macon is a sumptuous-looking tale of manipulation, greed, and religious fanaticism set in Peter Greenaway's favorite era, the 17th century." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Baby_of_M%C3%A2con

Readings, featuring Jonathan Catherall, Yvonne Litschel, Chris Kerr, David Spittle and more, alongside SJ Fowler, will mark this unique celebration of cinematic poetry.