Collaborations with David Kelly-Mancaux

It’s quite an amusing thing to look
at those two things and put them together.
And you can’t say what their relationship is
except by saying they are both here together.           Jasper Johns

One of the most permanent fixtures of my practise as a poet is the relationship I've enjoyed with the artist David Kelly-Mancaux, whose brilliant modernist talent has allowed my text to flourish in collaboration from the very first year of my writing and on into my current work, five years later. To have such a prolific and dynamic talent as David always by my side throughout the growth of my own poetics has been absolutely essential to my development in numerous ways. It has been instructive to me, teaching me much, it has taught me that mediating social space, with warmth and friendship, is an essential part of what I seek in writing and organising, and it has allowed my words to be consistently helped / challenged by the context in which they exist, both to the eye and in material terms.

Saint Augustine of Hippo

Jurassic Strip

The Primarchs


The Rasenna

Gilles de Rais 

We have published numerous works together including:
Saint Augustine of Hippo - 2010 - limited edition chapbook
Jurassic Strip - 2012 - an ebook from Bear press
The Primarchs - 2012 - a perfect bound book from Bear Press
Gilles de Rais - 2013 - a book in a box from Like This press
The Rasenna - 2013 - limited edition exhibition guide from Bear press

We have exhibited our collaborations at the Hardy Tree gallery, the Darnley gallery and the Rich Mix Arts centre, all in London.

Featured in Enemies: the selected collaborations (2013)