with nearly 100 poets, artists, photographers, dancers, sculptors and writers. The introduction to my selected collaborations 2010 - 2013 published by Penned in the Margins, is : Below you can find information on most of my collaborations to date, with link to the publication / performance. 










In 2014 Cordite magazine (Australia) asked me to write this for a special issue on collaboration:

In 2013 The Learned Pig interviewed me about the subject of collaboration

In 2015, the French sound poetry web resource Tapin2 asked me to produce an article highlighting many of the Enemies project performances, especially collaborative, from the previous year

In 2013 and 2015, my collaborative project and my collaborations have been nominated for a Sabotage Award, London.

In 2016, Jacket2 republished my introduction to my selected collaborations, thanks to Jerome Rothenberg

I have produced 8 collaborative publications, with more on the way. My selected collaborations, 2010 to 2013 was published by Penned in the Margins.

Enemies: selected collaborations {Penned in the Margins} 168 pages

1000 Proverbs w/ Tom Jenks (Knives fork & spoons press)
Oberwildling: on the life of Oskar Kokoschka w/ Colin Herd (Occasions)
Estates of Westeros w/ Ben Morris {Like This press} 33 loose leaf
Gilles de Rais w/ David Kelly {Like This press} 33 loose leaf pages
Elephanche w/ Marcus Slease {Department press} 20 pages
Twins w/ Matteo Patocchi {Enemies press} 28 newspaper pages
Ways of Describing Cuts w/ Sarah Kelly {Knives forks and spoons press) 22 pages
Primarchs w/ David Kelly {Bear press}  40 pages
Saint Augustine of Hippo w/David Kelly {Kitt press} 22 pages
Animal Husbandry w/ Sian Williams {Kitt press} 18 pages