the Auld Fold! 1st publication of 2015

As part of Kathrine Sowerby's beautiful Four Fold publication series, five of the core touring poets also produced this collaborative poem that was published in January 2015 as the Auld Fold, featuring nick-e melville, Colin Herd, Ryan Van Winkle, Ross Sutherland and SJ Fowler.

Auld Enemies diary - Lerwick

We got the ferry from Aberdeen overnight to Lerwick, on the auld Northlink. Scots drinking like Vikings as we swanned in the Magnus lounge watching the world cup final. It was a singular experience, something intense and enjoyable, if occasionally stressful, about sea travel. We laughed a lot, the spirit of the tour has been defined by a real closeness, more than I could've imagined, that has been expressed through dark, biting humour. Colin and nick-e are extraordinarily dry. Most of us had cabin bunks, I could hear the sea and the engine as I scratched out a few hours sleep. We docked in Lerwick and then headed to our venue, the Mareel, an amazingly modern and beautiful arts centre, very plush. 

At this point nick-e got really ill and we had quite unforgettable drama at how serious this was and felt and could've been. Again a powerful realisation of how big this experience is, how close to so many important things, like friendship through creativity, going out of your comfort zone etc... nick-e stayed in overnight at hospital and missed the reading, which felt an afternote to me, of course, but was really well received and enjoyable and friendly. Ross was amazing on the night, lifted everyone up with his positive energy and indomitable professionalism, and Ryan and Colin too showed out just how resilient and genuine they are. The local poets were really talented, different to us, but all the more welcome to that, and the island felt like another world, as much for the way we arrived and experienced our first hours, as it's unique character.
Auld Enemies Lerwick
Ross Sutherland & Ryan Van Winkle
Nat Hall & James Sinclair
Colin Herd & I
Laurajayne Friedlander
Donald Murray

Nick-e Melville on 3am

Keeps getting better. Nick-e is an awesome force, powerful powerful authentic poet from Scotland, I've had him down a few times to read at Enemies / Maintenant stuff and you know when he's with you that the evening will be one in which something happens, internally or externally to those foolish / nice enough to show. His groundbreaking visual work is really his - that is it maintains a consistent sense of humour, of wit, of cutting satire, of sophistication but is so simple and immediate in its mode and style and realisation that it captures something really innate about the proximity of the culture it is lampooning and the place it has grown out of. Anyway, to have his work on 3am is really great, really represents what I'm trying to do with the editorship of the poetry part of the magazine. check it