a World without Words begins May 6th at Apiary studios

I'm delighted to announce a new project: a World without Words, exploring the nature of human language, bringing together contemporary practitioners & pioneers in neuroscience and sensory aesthetics, to offer a fascinating and playful exploration of how words form our world. www.aworldwithoutwords.com

Co-curated by writer & filmmaker Lotje Sodderland and artist & material engineer Thomas Duggan, a World without Words will present artworks, installations, performances, talks, discussions and readings that call into question how meaning maps into the brain over a series of events throughout 2015 & beyond, taking place in bespoke venues across London.

Across artform & discipline each event will explore that notion that while language is considered perhaps the most characteristic ability of the human species, very little is known about it. When curator Lotje Sodderland had an unprovoked brain haemorrhage, she woke to find a familiar stranger inhabiting her body, where her 'self' used to be. Unable to read, write, speak, or think coherently, she used this unique opportunity as a lens through which to explore the everyday assumptions of how we wield words to express ourselves, bringing a profoundly personal perspective to the contemporary Copernican revolution of neuroscience. A World Without Words is the latest in Lotje's body of work around visual perception and neurolinguistics, and you can read / see more about her previous work in the Guardian & in the film, My Beautiful Broken Brain.

The first event takes place at Apiary Studios May 6th 7pm - 10.00pm
458 Hackney Rd, London E2 9EG. Entrance is free. http://www.apiarystudios.org/

The event will feature:

Noah Hutton & Ben Ehrlich: founders of The Beautiful Brain, a website that explores the juncture between neuroscience and art, based in New York. They will present on the theme of discontinuity in neurobiological, cultural, and linguistic systems. As well as discussing The Beautiful Brain, Noah will show a brief clip from his most recent documentary film Deep Time (SXSW 2015) and Ben will share from his research about the life and work of Santiago Ramón y Cajal, "the father of modern neuroscience."

Harry Man: will lead an artistic examination into dyslexia and its potential advantages including identifying black holes and visualized data based on research by Dr Matthew H. Schneps at the Harvard-Smithsonian Centre for Astrophysics. Using gravitational wave detection data from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) collaboration, Harry hopes to illustrate how dyslexia might be an advantage to those studying the origin of the universe.

Malinda J. McPherson: a neuroscientist and musician who studies the link between emotion and musical creativity. Malinda will be discussing the human ability to ascribe meaning to sound, as well as the connections between abnormal brain states and creative musical expression.

Nick Ryan: a multi award winning composer, sound designer, artist and audio specialist, widely recognised as a leading thinker on the application of emerging and future technologies to the creation and performance of sound and music.

Lotje Sodderland: artist, writer & filmmaker, who present framed artworks created after she lost the ability to communicate with words, exhibited in Apiary Studios. An excerpt from her documentary My Beautiful Broken Brain will also be screened as part of the evening's program.

a World without Words will present further events in June, August, October & December, with more details to come.
The project is generously supported by Arts Council England


Torque at the Rich Mix - Friday June 6th

An amazing new night from Nathan Jones & Sam Skinner, this multi-media performance night features top practitioners from fields of poetry, live coding, dance, diy electronics, and classical music, entwined into a twisted symphony of voice, light, bodies and semaphore poetics. feat. HOLLY PESTER // KARL HEINZ JERON // OLIVER COATES & SAM SKINNER // ALEX McLEAN & KATE SICCHIO // NATHAN JONES & MARK GREENWOOD 
TORQUE [LIVE] is bought to you by co-producer of 2013 tour Electronic Voice Phenomena, and takes up where this award-nominated series left off, using poetry, theatre and media artst to look deeply at the opportunities and rich thematic territories offered up by increasingly hybrid existence.  A show that pushes understandings of networked thought, the internet of things, and blurred lines between brains, bodies and electronics.
Inline image 1TORQUE [LIVE] will feature: Oliver Coates / a new commission comprising cello, electronics and field recordings, plus ‘Oraison’ by Messiaen, one of the first compositions written for electronic instruments. Accompanied by video works by artist Sam Skinner.
Karl Heinz Jeron: Sim Gishel / Sim Gishel is a multi-media robot. He sings and dances for money. His biggest success so far has been his performance at Das Supertalent with Dieter Bohlen. This will be Sim Gishel’s first performance in the UK.
Holly Pester - Hannah Weiner’s Code Poems / a new work that re-stages Hannah Weiner’s ensemble 1960’s work Code Poems, which used the International Code of Signals for ship-to-ship communication to create a series of avant-garde happenings. Pester’s new performance draws on our contemporary experience of digital code in a staged conversation that is sometimes shambolic, often lyrically active, and always in celebration of the hopeless comedy of coded communication.
Mark Greenwood and Nathan Jones: The Nodes / a series of conversations as radical language events, proposing a future for speech beyond communication.  Using models such as pandemonium architecture and chaos theory, the Nodes press the boundaries for emotive relations within uncoupled language.
Alex McLean and Kate Sicchio: Body Code / a feedback loop of code, music, choreography, and dance is played out, as a 'body language ' which short-circuits the binary opposition of physical and abstract.….
See project tumblr for further details: http://torquetorque.tumblr.comTICKETS: http://www.richmix.org.uk/whats-on/event/torque-twisting-language-brain-technology/ TORQUE is co-produced by Nathan Jones and Sam Skinner and is supported by Arts Council England. TORQUE [LIVE] follows workshops and a symposium at FACT, Liverpool, comprising artists and academics presenting research and artworks across a range of subjects, including; spambots, network aesthesia, neuro-archeology, Russian Activity Theory, live coding and the bicameral mind. A Torque project ebook will be published by Link Editions in July. The title of the project is a play on the verb ‘to talk’, and refers to torque’s original latin meaning ’to twist’, and also the twisting forces which distort language, technologies and cognitive processes by braiding them together.  The cerebral torque is also a central term used by neuroscientist Tim Crow in his 2009 thesis that ‘Schizophrenia is the price Homosapians pay for language’.