Published : Beastings, an album for Pre-Order, with Diamanda Dramm

The result of much work, and of Diamanda Dramm’s talents. An album, entirely hers, but made of my poems, written for the songs, a true and long standing collaboration in this way.

The album can be PREbought at this link and one track, Lamb, is available for a listen, by pressing play on the piccy. The album is out in December

The songs are remarkable, and the production also. It has been a surreal and uplifting experience having my (more than usual) soft and disjointed words become something sung, and sung like this. Diamanda changed the texts in the singing of them, literally and mysteriously.

The album was recorded by Diamanda Dramm & Akim Moiseenkov in Borgerhout, Antwerpen, this year, and has been released by Pretty Purgatory records out Portland, US. /