Caroline Bergvall's Drift opens Poetry International Festival at the Southbank Centre on Thursday

Caroline Bergvall DriftA remarkable new performance work hits London's Southbank Centre on Thursday evening. Drift brings together the unique vocal talents of London-based Norwegian poet Caroline Bergvall with the experimental soundscapes of Norwegian percussionist Ingar Zach, and opens this year's Poetry International Festival before touring the UK in the Autumn.

Drift is a moving meditation on exile, sea travel and migration that takes its inspiration from the ancient pool of English and Nordic poetry as well as the lyrics of pop songs. Bergvall's cutting-edge texts also reshape damning reports into contemporary sea migration disasters; and the 3D treatment by Swiss visual artist Thomas Koppel transforms the narrative into an abstract canvas of drifting language mass.
Date & time

Thursday 17 July 6pm Venue The Purcell Room Southbank Centre London SE1 8XX