Iain Britton - Photosynthesis

http://kilmogpress.wordpress.com/2014/04/21/iain-britton-photosynthesis-2014/ Very exciting to see a new work emerging from the fantastic Kiwi avant gardist Iain Britton, a beautiful book, and a link to Iain’s website thepsychologyofariver.blogspot.co.nz/
IMG_0085"Photosynthesis is a journey, a culmination of a mood sequence, exploring aspects of survival, renewal, through the many personalities our psychologies have to deal with when looking at ourselves. The reader might/could interpret this exploration quite differently. The poems, I would hope, will stand alone, beyond the poet’s orbit and take on lives of their own. The acceptance of their imagery is essential to their existence and the poems should be interpreted according to how the readers receive and permit the images and their juxtapositions to infiltrate their consciousness. Photosynthesis is a very individual attempt to see the world from the other side of one’s self."