The Hidden Door Festival - a worthwhile Crowdfunding project

A genuinely worthy cause for Crowdfunding, the Hidden Door arts fest is looking to achieve a variety of things, and close to my heart, they are looking to bring together edgecutting work from differents artforms to intermingle and utilise space that is integral to community and place. It'll happen this late March in fact. They will inhabit the abandoned vaults in the centre of the city of Edinburgh and have over 100 artists and musicians performing, exhibiting, and for a specially commissioned Camarade, reading with 20 poets Ive got the pleasure of placing in pairs to read original works they've written. Some amazing poets involved, Samantha Walton, nick-e melville, Ryan Van Winkle, Lila Matsumoto, Ross Sutherland, Tom Jenks, Jow Lindsay, Greg Thomas, Graeme Smith and loads more. Do visit the site, watch David Martin's vid and give a little of cash if you're inclined to. for information and regular updates