Eyewear book club

A really positive scheme from Eyewear publishing to engage it's readers in a continuous and various relationship with its readers, and to have them follow the narrative of their publishing journey, book by book, as it weaves its own admirable way across styles, forms and generations. I'm delighted to be on the 2014 ticket with my collection the Rottweiler's guide to the Dog Owner. Info below on the book club. check out http://www.eyewearpublishing.com/
"Eyewear is proud to offer an exclusive deal to all our fans. If you join our Poetry Club we will send you all twelve of our single poet collections published in 2014. You will receive three packages during the year (in February, April and October), containing our latest titles all beautifully tied with ribbon.  The cost of £120 includes UK p&p, and is a massive saving of 30%. In joining our Poetry Club you support our poets and help us bring more fresh and exciting voices into our family.
We also have our new, exclusive Critics Choice Deal.
In 2014 we will send you two packages of three books, specially selected by the Eyewear team from our 2014 line up. In April you will receive your first three books and a second parcel of three books will arrive in October, tied up beautifully with ribbon. All of this for the cost of £65 including UK p&p.
Our 2014 poets are:
Floyd Skloot
Penny Boxall
Marion McCready
Tedi Lopez Mills, in translation by David Shook
Mandy Kahn
S J Fowler
Colette Sensier
Keiran Goddard
Jemma Borg
Rufo Quintavalle
David Musgrave
Agniezka Studzinska"