dae 'bra / the Burgh / Edinburgh = Caesura, amazing event series for an amazing city

Ive been looking for an excuse to visit Edinburgh for ages, and an invite to read at Graeme Smiths amazing Caesura series was very welcome. Edinburgh, like Manchester, has a really striking scene of innovative writers and strong strong poets - Colin Herd, Jow Lindsay, Poesie Rider, nicke melville, Greg Thomas, Lila Matsumoto, Ben Knight, Ryan Van Winkle (who did me a massive and let me kip in his place) +. Ive wanted to experience the city because it is beautiful, and old, and peaceful and also to experience the work that is happening. I have not been disappointed. I couldnt have felt more welcome and more enthused to make connection with such a brilliant group of people.

First off the train I read at nicke melville's DOLE project, housed in an abandoned benefits office. We read behind the glass of the old booths, used to judge those seeking support in the past and it was both haunted and engaged and weird and intense. All the readings were good, and a nice amount of people crammed into the booths. Then I xd the city with jow jess makwesi lindsay who id never met before but who id recently written with and that was a really wonderful connection to make in person. The Caesura reading was held in a rough pub in Leith, upstairs and it was apparent the reading would have a completely different tonality than I am used to. People got pissed, but were friendly, and they were numerous, 50 60 70 plus crammed into a room. So there was noise and some argy, normally things i despise at readings, but it ended up working really well. I read from Minimum security prison dentistry, which colin herd published from edinburgh, then read with tom jenks, jow and finally nick-e melville, outing the collaborations.

The following day I visited Graeme, destroyed a toilet before Jenks went in it, and chatted the middle day away, a beautiful autumn saturday, doing a video project and immersing myself in Graemes achievement, to formalise and centralise a poetics I could experience as a collective thing, as I have done in manchester before. I then went to zoo and saw tian tian the panda amongst sun bears and others animales, before walking all the way back into the city, around it and up Arthurs seat for sky city views before sunset.