we are lucky to be in the time he is writing, buy his new book - check his new site

the title expresses my feelings. one of the best British poets of this early century. that is an absolute truth in my mind, we will look back to this time and talk about tom jenks as this wizard. here's my interview with him 3 YEARS AGO NOW. FUCK. http://www.3ammagazine.com/3am/maintenant-6-tom-jenks/

he also has a brand new website http://www.zshboo.org/ this is extremely timely, and evidences all of his performances for Camarade and his and I's collaborative reading of 1000 proverbs.

and his new book, with http://ifpthenq.co.uk/ is available to buy now, just released, get it get it http://ifpthenq.co.uk/books/jenks-t-items/