Airplane food by Gabby Gabby reviewed by Marcus Slease

Just published a review by a poet I really admire, Marcus Slease, about the work of another great young poet I previously published on 3am.

the new poetics of confession

Then halfway through the poem the speaker reports what happened on another day: “I woke up at 8 a.m. to pull the Band-Aid off of my shot.” The poems goes on to confront and confess the feeling of death in life. Where the speaker’s body feels like someone has sliced his/her throat and left the body “behind a dumpster in January” but they are still alive and feeling it. The last line of the poem ends with yet another time on perhaps the same day. The speaker factually reports: “I have to meet my mother for lunch at 10 a.m.”
Marcus Slease reviews Gabby Gabby’s poetry collection Airplane Food.